Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Alkebulan TV (AKTV)?- Alkebulan TV, also known as AKTV, is an innovative online streaming platform that is dedicated to promoting African culture, tourism, agriculture, and trade. The platform provides unparalleled access to authentic African content, aiming to break down cultural stereotypes and foster global connections. 

  2. What does "Alkebulan" mean?- "Alkebulan" is the original, indigenous name for the continent of Africa. It reflects our commitment to highlighting Africa's diversity, beauty, and untapped potential.

  3. What is the vision of AKTV?- AKTV envisions a world where the richness and diversity of African culture, the beauty of its destinations, the potential of its economic resources, and the creativity of its local talent are celebrated and accessible to a global audience. We strive to be the leading platform that empowers Africa to tell its own stories and contributes to the growth and appreciation of the continent.

  4. What is the mission of AKTV?- Our mission is to showcase the vibrancy of African culture, promote its tourism, empower its economic development, and amplify the voices of its local talent. We aim to provide a platform that offers unparalleled access to authentic African content while breaking down cultural stereotypes and fostering global connections.

  5. What is the primary objective of AKTV?- The main objective of AKTV is to create a digital space that serves as a vibrant hub for celebrating and sharing the richness of Africa with the world. We aim to foster a sense of pride, break stereotypes, and contribute to the sustainable development of the African continent through engaging content, cultural exploration, and economic insights.

  6. What are some key pillars of AKTV?- AKTV operates on six key pillars: Cultural Showcase, Tourism Promotion, Agriculture, Economic Empowerment, Local Talent Platform, and Global Connectivity. Each of these pillars guides our content creation, with a focus on celebrating Africa's diversity, promoting tourism, highlighting agricultural richness, driving economic growth, elevating local talent, and fostering global connections.

  7. How does AKTV promote African culture?- AKTV promotes African cultures by showcasing their diversity and vibrancy through content that celebrates traditional rituals to modern expressions. Our platform fosters a deep appreciation for the continent's cultural tapestry.

  8. How does AKTV contribute to tourism in Africa?- AKTV contributes to tourism by showcasing Africa's breathtaking destinations, inviting viewers to explore the continent's landscapes, wildlife, and hidden gems. Our content inspires travel and aims to contribute to local economies by promoting tourism.

  9. How does AKTV highlight Africa's agricultural richness?- AKTV sheds light on the agricultural richness of Africa through insightful content. We showcase diverse agricultural practices, innovations, and opportunities that contribute to the continent's economic prosperity and aim to build markets for local food markets to export globally.

  10. How does AKTV empower economic growth in Africa?- AKTV empowers economic growth by highlighting investment opportunities, entrepreneurial success stories, and the vast economic potential across the African continent. We connect investors with promising ventures, aspiring to drive economic empowerment and development.

  11. How does AKTV support local talent in Africa?- AKTV provides a platform for Africa's rising stars in various fields, including arts, music, entrepreneurship, and technology. We amplify local talent to nurture creativity, inspire the next generation, and showcase the world-class capabilities of African innovators.

  12. How does AKTV foster global connectivity?- AKTV bridges geographical boundaries, creating a global community united by a shared love for Africa. We facilitate cultural exchange, collaboration, and dialogue, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among people worldwide.

  13. Where can I access AKTV?- You can experience AKTV through our Android app, available on Google Play Store – search for Alkebulan TV (AKTV) App. You can also discover the richness of Africa on our web application at

  14. What is the contact information for AKTV?- Our office is located at Office 606, BMK House, Wampewo Ave. You can call us at 0772 492 012 / 0706 048 776 or an email to For more information, visit our website at

  15. What type of content can I expect on AKTV?- AKTV offers a wide range of content that includes cultural showcases, tourism promotion, agricultural insights, economic empowerment stories, local talent highlights, and more. All our content is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Africa's richness and diversity.

  16. Who is the intended audience for AKTV?- AKTV is designed for a global audience with an interest in Africa. This includes travellers, history enthusiasts, people interested in African culture, farmers, agriculturists, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone else who appreciates the richness and diversity of Africa.

  17. Does AKTV have an app?- Yes, AKTV has an Android app that you can download from the Google Play Store. Simply search for "Alkebulan TV (AKTV) App" and install it on your device.

  18. Does AKTV accept partnerships?- Yes, we welcome partnerships from individuals, organizations, and partners who share our vision. You can get in touch with us to discuss potential partnerships.

  19. What is the future plan for AKTV?- Our plan for the future is to continue expanding our platform and content offerings to better serve our audience and the African continent. We aim to continually break stereotypes, foster a sense of pride, and contribute to the sustainable development of Africa while showcasing its vibrancy, resilience, and boundless potential.